In a recent project, a group of our Year 10s, mentored by Mr Pieri, won the right to represent the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation for the Premier League Inspires Challenge.

Their Social Action Project was to put on an event for the local elderly to help them overcome difficulties they have endured over the past 15 months. However after a thorough Risk Assessment (which formed part of the boys’ action plan) the event turned into a ‘Thank You’ afternoon for school staff to show gratitude for all they have done since last March to support students.

This project has afforded these boys the opportunity to experience positive consequences from their positive work and was celebrated last Friday with tea and cakes!

Well done Gianni, Jahmar, Darius, Hashim and Matthew.

Thank you to Myri from Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, for all his work with the boys. Thank you to Lisa Piggott from the Premier League and to the Tottenham Hotspur football scholars, one of whom is an ex-grammar boy, Romaine Mundle.

And, of course, thank you to Mr Pieri who doesn’t like to miss out on a photo opportunity!