The Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for our school, as agreed with both the Department for Education and the Local Authority is 180.

 Enfield Grammar School Allocation:

  1. Looked after boys
  2. Exceptional medical grounds
  3. Sports & Music scholarships
  4. Boys whose parent is a member of staff
  5. Boys from a named Enfield primary school – Bush Hill Park, Chase Side, George Spicer, Lavender, Andrew’s CE (Enfield), St. George’s RC, St. Michael’s CE
  6. Other Enfield primary schools


Over-Subscription Allocation – In the case of over-subscription from point no. 6 above,  decisions will be made using the following priorities:

  1. Boys with a sibling attending the school
  2. Closest distance
  3. Primary schools outside of the Borough
  4. Boys not educated in primary school


Admissions Criteria & Procedures 2021

The closing date for applications to be returned to the Borough is 30th October 2020

*Scholarship application deadlines differ – please see below for details