What is a Music Scholar?

A music scholar is a student who upholds the highest standards of our musicians and serves as an inspiration to other students.  

Admission Scholars – An Admission Scholar has gained entry to Enfield Grammar through musical ability prior to school application.  There are 9 Admission Scholar places available each academic year. Admissions scholars are selected through two audition steps:

  1. Musical Aptitude Test.  Students sit a thirty-minute listening test.  If they reach above the required threshold, students are invited back for the second stage.
  2. Practical Audition.  Students are invited to perform a piece of their choosing on their principal instrument.

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Award Scholars – Many of the department’s success stories of award-winning, world-class musicians, developed their passion for music during their studies at Enfield Grammar.  To provide these students with the same, awesome provision as the Admissions Scholars, the music department has designed additional opportunities to join the scholarship system.  These scholars are called ‘Awards Scholars’.

An Award Scholar is a student who is already a student at Enfield Grammar and continues to show outstanding commitment, progress, and behaviour (as set out in our scholarship admissions criteria).  Potential Award Scholars are nominated by the Music Team at the end of each term and are invited to sit the Musical Aptitude Test. Upon passing the Musical Aptitude the student will be awarded their scholarship colours at the end of term celebration assembly, after which they have full access to our scholarship programme.

The Scholarship Programme

All scholars (Admissions and Awards) are provided with the same exciting development programme during their time at Enfield Grammar School.  This includes:

  • A designated, and fully trained, Music Ambassador to help guide our scholars through grades, practice, performance and musical skills.  The Music Ambassadors are senior Music Scholars who are provided with training in coaching and mentoring.
  • An E-portfolio to document meetings with the Music Ambassador and teaching staff, keep a record of performances they’ve taken part in, grades taken and any enrichment activities relating to music.  This portfolio will be review each half term with the support of the Music Ambassador.
  • An accredited Music Theory course to accelerate knowledge and understanding of the building blocks of music.
  • Exclusive trips to music events and venues to explore careers and opportunities in the world of Music and the Arts

Can My Son Apply? Your son is more than welcome to apply for a school place under the Music Scholarship criteria if you feel they meet the eligibility criteria.

We look forward to welcoming your son to the music department in the next round of auditions