Geography lessons at Enfield Grammar School encourage students to develop an awe and wonder of the world.  Topics based on human and physical geography elements help students to develop an understanding and appreciation of their place as global citizens with a rounded knowledge of the world that surrounds them.

Students are shown how the world works and how it can and will change in the future. They will learn about places that they are familiar with and also places that are outside of their own experience, helping to develop their understanding of the world’s diversity of environments, peoples, cultures and economies. Embedded into the curriculum are the cartographic, analytical, thinking and statistical skills that are required to complement their understanding of the varying content covered.

The Department has consistently produced excellent results at GCSE and A Level and is a popular choice for boys when picking their GCSEs.  A variety of field trips are offered, both day trips and residential visits, that support and reinforce the work undertaken in the classroom.