The purpose of the Enfield Grammar School Curriculum is to allow our students to develop intellectually, socially and personally and allow them to find their place in our world. We aim to instil an enjoyment of life, embracing its challenges with resilience and purpose.
We will do this through high expectations, with support when needed, thoughtful experiences and good humour! Our students need to discover a desire to learn and take this with them through to adulthood.

Our curriculum is, therefore, carefully constructed with the intent of shaping the whole individual to help them become ‘the best they can be,’ honouring our motto to give ‘all that they can’. We are implementing our intentions with academic and skills based content using outstanding classroom pedagogy, as we also strive to ‘give all that we can’.

We also strive to equip our students with the emotional awareness of their own wellbeing using a structured form program and individual mentoring to support them as they grow into capable and successful young men. We have the pleasure of seeing the impact of our provision not only in academic outcomes but also as our students’ fulfil their potential; be that academic, social or moral.