Welcome to Enfield Grammar School

The relationship between home and school plays an important role in students achieving their potential, and we value the committed parental support that is part of Enfield Grammar School.

We understand that students will take time to readjust to school routines, and we will ensure that a comprehensive welfare support package is in place, as well as providing a pastoral focused return to school for all students. Our positive behaviour policy will provide students with the routines they will need on their return to full time education.

The school day

  • The school operates a 5 period day
  • 8.30am every morning is Form Registration
  • 3.10pm everyday is Form Time apart from Tuesdays when school finishes at 3.10pm
Tutor / Registration8.30am8.40amTutor / Registration8.30am8.40am
Period 18.45am9.40amPeriod 18.45am9.45am
1st Break9.40am9.55amPeriod 29.45am10.45am
Period 29.55am10.55amBreak10.45am11.05am
Period 310.55am11.55amPeriod 311.05am12.05am
2nd Break11.55am12.10pmPeriod 412.05am1.05am
Period 412.10pm1.05pmLunch1.05pm2.05pm
Lunch1.05pm2.05pmPeriod 52.05pm3.05pm
Period 52.05pm3.05pmTutor / Form Time3.10pm3.30pm
Tutor / Form Time3.10pm3.30pm