We are a Sixth Form that prides itself in the way we provide support and care to our students. A clear and thorough structure in providing student support as well as overseeing the wellbeing of our students is at the core of all that we do at Enfield Grammar School. We forge nurturing and trusting relationships with our students, and provide places around the school for students to go to when in need of a safe space. At EGS Sixth Form every member of staff is ready to listen, empathise, advise, advocate, coach and mentor our young people. Our hands-on approach to monitoring students’ emotional development and wellbeing, and because we get to know our students so well, means we are able to quickly put preventative interventions in place when needed.

Standards of behaviour and boundaries are made clear and reinforced daily, opting for cooperation with our students and appealing to students’ emotional intelligence as a first point of call.  In line with our traditional values, we emphasise the importance of community and the value of equal, respectful and honest friendships between students. Putting honest communication, empathy and restorative justice at the heart of how we support students. We are confident that this will equip our young people with vital skills they will need for their futures. We also educate our students in practices of positive self-care, such as mindfulness, as a way of helping them to deal with the inevitable stresses that come with growing and developing.

Please refer to the EGS Sixth Form Health and Wellbeing Guide to find additional support services that are available to EGS Sixth Form students. The comprehensive Student Guide to Wellbeing has been shared with sixth form students and can be found below.

Sixth Form Health & Wellbeing Resources Guide

If you wan to download a copy, click here: Sixth-Form-Health-Wellbeing-Guide

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The EGS Student Guide To Wellbeing

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