Student Voice / School Council

Student voice is an important aspect of developing as a successful school community. Students are actively involved in discussions about school life through the student council, which meets each half term.

Each form group has two Form Representatives, elected yearly in September, who all sit on the Year Council. The Council meets with the Head of Year each half term and elects two School Council members.

The Sixth Form Head Boy and Deputies join the Student Council meetings along with a school governor.

Our Student Council have been involved in a variety of school policies and procedures including classroom expectations, uniform changes and developing the rewards and behaviour systems as well as supporting and helping to arrange school events, trips and noon-uniform charity collections.

The Student Council also provide a vital part in staff appointments as well as being  encouraged to contribute their views and suggest ideas for improvements to the Governors and the Senior Leadership Team.

December 2020 update:

Year Team Councils and the Student Council have all met at least twice this term. The meetings have been really productive already – the Council decided to purchase PlayStations to be used for rewards and additional basketball posts for both the Lower and Upper School playgrounds – all of which have been well used.

The Year Zone Reps are now working at the Lower School to help support students and staff at the start of every lesson including helping to tidy up, set up, and sanitise.

Suggestions for break and lunchtime clubs / competitions are now being considered following the last meeting.

All students can be proud of how the student representatives speak on their behalf.

Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme equips our students and staff with the tools needed to tackle bullying behaviour head on, transforming our school’s approach to anti-bullying and creating a safer, kinder school community.
Our Programme is youth-led, with our students leading their anti-bullying campaign as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Anti-Bullying Ambassadors provide resources and support for people who are experiencing bullying behaviour, those who want to support someone who is experiencing bullying behaviour and for people like us, who are passionate about promoting an anti-bullying culture and a community of kindness.
The programme will hopefully be a theme throughout the school and does not have an end date. We are aiming for the boys to take this with them to upper school and train a new group of year 7s every academic year.