The MFL Department is a very successful department with excellent exam results. Languages (French / Spanish) is a popular choice for boys when picking their GCSE options. The Department is committed to the teaching of languages in order that our boys will be equipped with the skills and ideology needed to live and succeed in a multicultural and international society. Learning a language is even more important now as the UK is in the process of exiting the EU and will have to renegotiate trade and relations at all levels not only between its close neighbours but also with the rest of the world. In an increasingly competitive job market, our students will need to earn their place alongside highly skilled workers from abroad who all have English as a second language. We firmly believe that, in the 21st century, it is no longer acceptable or practical to be monolingual.

We aim to enthuse our students for languages through stimulating and challenging lessons delivered through a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, which we are continually seeking to develop. Emphasis is placed on the spoken language and building up students’ confidence to enable them to use and enjoy using the foreign language. We aim at developing our approach to the improvement of communication, social and grammatical skills which are essential if our students are to leave Enfield Grammar with the confidence to manipulate the written and spoken word for their own pleasure and purpose in the future.

The school ethos and the motto of “Tant Que Je Puis” exists to enable the boys to achieve the best they can therefore, our students have the opportunity of learning at least one foreign language, regardless of academic ability. There are also various clubs (French, Spanish or German) for students to attend. The teaching of foreign languages offers endless opportunities for cross-curricular links and the employment of diverse teaching methods to cater for the learning needs of all students.

A range of trips are offered, both day trip and residential visits that support and reinforce the work undertaken in the classroom. The teachers in the MFL have experienced for themselves the benefits of language learning and foreign travel. We endeavour through our teaching to broaden our students’ horizons and raise their own expectations. We firmly believe that a greater understanding of other countries and cultures can breed tolerance, empathy, adaptability and consideration for others, as well as a willingness to overcome communication barriers.