Monday night saw the first of what hopefully will become an annual event, the Christmas Jingle & Mingle for our ex-students. It was lovely to see ‘old boys’ spanning over many years and interesting to hear old stories about the school and what they are all doing now. We had some f our current sixth formers on hand who took them on tours of the school.

Thank you to all of those who came along, especially it being a Monday night!

Enfield Grammar School (that has been part of Enfield for a very long time!) is relaunching their ‘Old Boys Association’ (Alumni) with a Jingle & Mingle event and would love to have as many generations as possible represented. The OBA has been going for over 100 years and we would like to see it going on for another 100!

The invite was extended to all of our ex-students, from those who are currently at university through to those who may have ‘more distant memories'(!) of their school days, including past employees (support and teaching staff).
The Old Boys Association has dwindled over the last few years and EGS decided it was time to step up and try to rejuvenate it. We, along with a couple of key ‘Old Boys’ who have kept their website going, will continue to build on the membership year on year in the hope that we can reintroduce the large annual silver service dinner and some sporting events.
If you were a member of the school and would like to be added to our database to be advised of any such future events, then please email the office for the attention of Mrs Field/Mrs Walsh. [email protected]