Music Tour To Normandy
As the last tour for Ms Penfold and myself (Mr Ness), and after some delay, it was great to get the original music team back together for one last concert tour; Mr Ness, Mr Monk, Mr Escott, Mr Tate-Lovery, Ms Penfold.
The students were impeccable from beginning to end and played their hearts out to the people of France. The French responded by giving us every ounce of energy back – although we wish we could bottle the energy and use it now as we are all shattered!
Thank you to the wonderful students that attended this tour and all the many tours prior. As you will find, long after the last note has rung out and the equipment is packed away leaving a bare stage, the resonance of the memory of these amazing tours will continue to bring joy for the rest of our lives.
I am so pleased that Mr Escott will be in charge of the music department next year as this will keep the long traditions of the department alive and flourishing.
From Ms Penfold and myself though, it’s bon voyage et merci pour la musique et les souvenirs. 🎵
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