Congratulations to all the boys in Y8, 9 & 10 who took part in the ESAA Track and Field Cup at Lee Valley before half term and have qualified for the London North Regional Finals!!
The Junior Team (Y7&8) came second overall on the day and the Inter-team (9&10) came 5th.
There were some outstanding performances but particular mentions must go to:
Malakai with 10.35m in the shot
Elvis with 5.26m in the long jump and 12.2s in the 100m
Brando with 27.6 s in the 200m
Eben with 24.5s in the 200m
Luca with 5.92m in the long jump
Well done to you all and Good Luck for next Monday in the regional finals! Go EGS! 🎽🏃‍♂️👟
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