A-Level conference 11 March 2024

Mr Manel took a group of our students on this very informative, interesting and enjoyable trip to the Houses of Parliament:

On Monday 11th March I accompanied seven Year 12 Politics students on a visit to the heartbeat of our parliamentary democracy; Westminster SW1.

Our destination was the magnificent Westminster Central Hall to join over two thousand other A-Level Politics students from around the country for speeches and Q&A sessions with contemporary prominent political figures.

When I visited the same venue as an A-Level Politics student myself, we listened to the likes of Norman Tebbit, Dennis Healey and Tony Benn. Forty years on and it was shadow health secretary Wes Streeting, backbench Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of Reform UK Richard Tice plus political podcasters Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart.

The reception for the guests ranged from polite applause to some booing! I will leave it to you to guess who got what!

The consensus of our students was that the conference greatly helped to increase their knowledge of a number of the topics they study.

We also witnessed guests arriving for a Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey and an anti-monarchy demonstration.

A very enjoyable day out!