Student Support Service

Our Student Support Team is here to ensure the physical and emotional welfare and well-being of our students.

Student Support is available for the students to access Monday to Friday, during school hours. We like to describe it as one of the ‘safe spaces’ in the school, which students come to for a range of reasons. 

We can support the boys with issues inside and outside of school that may be affecting their grades and school work, but our area focuses more on them as a person and their emotional wellbeing. We work with students in small groups and through one to one sessions to address issues including bereavement, anger management, bad sleep habits, friendship problems, mediation with staff and other students, problems at home, young carers, substance misuse, self harm and more.  

Students can get an appointment for themselves or someone they might be worried about by speaking to their form tutor, their Head of Year, a member of staff they feel comfortable with or by just ‘popping in’. Alternatively, as the first step can be challenging for them, they can email Mrs Yianni and she will get back to them in a discreet way and in a manner that they feel comfortable with.

For more information, please email Mrs Yianni at

Pastoral Structure

There are clear links between excellent student behaviour, student achievement and students’ holistic well-being and we want to ensure that we have the best possible behaviour and pastoral systems in place.

Students are placed in a house group when they join the school in year 7 and will remain in this house throughout their journey with us. This helps to create and build a sense of community with house competitions taking place and merits being awarded.

Each form has a form tutor who is the first point of contact for students and who sees them daily. The form tutor plays a key role in looking after the welfare of their students.

Each year group has a head of year who oversees the pastoral care for their year and monitors their progress.

To help enforce behaviour and support pastoral requirements, we have raised the role of the form tutor, restructured the School day and have a Student Well-Being Manager to work as part of the Inclusion Team and Student Support focused on the physical and emotional welfare and well-being of our students.