At Enfield Grammar our positive behaviour rewards policy is intrinsic to our identity and vision; we believe that our students should be rewarded for positive behaviour for learning.
Praise is a key component of good teaching and of good staff/student relationships; praise needs to be used appropriately and linked to tangible examples of a student’s strengths and verbal praise should play a major part in the working relationship between teacher and pupil.
Recognition and reward is a pre-requisite to ensuring that all students reach their full potential.

At the heart of our Rewards System is the awarding of Achievement Points / Merits stamps. Certificates and other rewards that are received by the student arise as a consequence of the accumulation of these points. Rewards can be achieved in every lesson.

Achievement points are recorded in student planners and updates shared with parents via the School Gateway app.

Certificates, badges (to be worn on the blazer) and reward events / treats are;

  • Tea with the Headteacher – Heads of Year nominate students (one per week) to meet with the Head Teacher for light refreshments on Friday Period 5
  • Early Friday Finish – for students with 100% attendance and positive behaviour all week – shown via conduct card and behaviour log
  • Golden Lunch Pass – per form group – for forms with the best attendance and punctuality throughout the week
  • Student of the Week – chosen by Head of Year & Form Tutor
  • Subject Nominations
  • Representing the School
  • Community Support
  • Certificate of Merit Accumulation – number of merit points earned
  • Securing a place on an organised trip – achievement points can be used to pick
    qualifying places


Merits are awarded thus (and count towards the House Competitions);

  • Bronze Merit Certificate    250 achievement points
  • Silver Merit Certificate       500 achievement points
  • Gold Merit Certificate        750 achievement points
  • Bronze Merit Star Badge 1000 achievement points
  • Silver Merit Star Badge    1500 achievement points
  • Gold Merit Star Badge      2000 achievement points
  • Bronze Merit Shield          2500 achievement points
  • Silver Merit Shield             3000 achievement points
  • Gold Merit Shield              4000 achievement points


The 5Ps in Upper School

In addition to the above-mentioned rewards and reward schemes, we also have the 5Ps: Positivity, Professionalism, Productivity, Punctuality and Participation. Each school week will focus on one of the 5Ps allowing students to gain extra merits that go towards receiving a Form reward.

Click here to visit The Houses page and to view the achievement graphs for each House