We are excited to announce that Krystal Alliance will be joining us for Employability:

At Krystal Alliance™ we are a team of; fabulous, magnificent, experienced and dedicated, friends committed to working with  organisations who really want to encourage, support and inspire greater equity in their workplace.

Each member of Krystal Alliance is a subject matter expert, whether designing strategies to encourage culture change, or delivering interactive workshops in support of inclusive leadership or dreaming about how to nurture a sense of greater belonging, we get alongside organisations to share what we know in order to learn more.

At Krystal Alliance™ we have an insatiable appetite for what is right. We believe that all organisations do better when they involve more of their people to evolve with more of those best solutions.

Employee voice is always key and every voice matters.

We have a range of Services and Products which may be of interest and there is a regular Blog feature – plus – our weekly KA Quote which you can subscribe to.
Our exciting journey at Krystal Alliance™ has only just begun and we would like you to be a part of it.

Rob Neil OBE, Director & Founder
Website: https://www.krystalalliance.co.uk/about/the-ka-team/