Gardening club has been really busy over the past few months. As soon as Spring sprung, the boys were busy pruning, weeding, planting and watering and it is all looking really good.

We have been lucky to have the charity, Street Food Matters, come to us to deliver an initiative called ‘Know Your Onions’.

Earlier in the year we were visited by a horticulturist and the next event scheduled was to take our Garden Clubbers to visit an Organic Community Garden called Organic Lea. Everyone there made us very welcome and the boys had an amazing time learning about what they grow, how they grow it, walking around their nature trails and even helping out by mulching around the apple tree bases.

After a wonderful couple of hours we finished off making wild garlic pesto which was a winner with the boys…not a crumb or splash of pesto left!

Thank you to all the staff for making it a really educational, calming and enjoyable visit!

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