The EPS will be continuing to offer the telephone support line and, at present, are looking at continuing to offer this until March 2022. Our aim is to respond to parents/carers within 3 days of receiving the request. We receive positive feedback from parents/carers who use this service.

A few comments that we recently received about what parents/carers found helpful:

“The psychologist listened to me and she also gave me some advice and things to try”

 ”It is so lovely that there are people who can help us to go in the right direction”

 “My EP consultant listened to all my inquiries and gave me excellent information & advice”

 “My psychologist was extremely supportive and gave me sound advice. I found her extremely approachable and helpful, she was amazing!”

 “Strategies for us to use with our daughter but also help to make the relevant people aware of the help we need going forward”

 “All of it! help with telling me about other services”