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Enfield Grammar School students broadcasting team September 2020 statement:

Dear all Staff and Students,

We have a couple announcements and notices regarding the future of the Enfield Grammar News Corporation and all media formats. 

Firstly, we are unfortunately announcing the permanent end of production of the Enfield Grammar Gazette. We feel that with the COVID-19 situation and the overall inability to distribute a newspaper, we will no longer be able to produce this publication. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. 

Now, moving onwards, the EGNC Senior Production Team has been working tirelessly to find a safe yet effective way to continue production of the EGNC News Broadcast – and we are pleased to announce that we are preparing to restart filming. Following conversation with SLT Leadership, we are planning to hopefully start filming over the next few weeks and release a new edition of the EGNC News Broadcast before the end of the half-term. So, fingers crossed!

Finally, we want to thank all staff and students who have supported us with our news corporation and we hope that you enjoy all our future endeavours.

Many thanks,

The EGNC Production Team

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