Please check the details before attending any club.

Extra-Curricular Clubs - Timetable Sept 2021

MONDAYLibrary 8-8.30amComputer Club Yrs 9&10
Brass Group 1.10-1.30pm
Maths Help Wk 1 Yrs 9,10,11
Homework Club
Rugby Club Yrs 7,8,9 3.40-4.45pm
Seniors Basketball 3.45-5pm
Y8 Band 3.40-4.40pm
Tour Band 3.30-4.30pm
TUESDAY Library 8-8.30am

Computer Club Wk1 only Yrs 9&10
Guitar Ensemble 1.10-1.30pm
Maths Help Wk 2 Yrs 9,10,11
Maths Help Wk 1 Yrs 7,8
Homework Club

Apprentice Band 3.10-4pm
Y9 Band 3.10-4.10pm
Senior Concert Band 4.10-5.10pm
WEDNESDAYLibrary 8-8.30amGardening Club
Computer Club Yrs 9&10
EGS Voices (choir) Yrs 7&8 1.05-1.45pm
Computer Hardware Club Y10&11
Homework Club
Basketball Club Yr 9&10 3.30-5pm
Football Club Yrs 7&8 3.40-5pm
Book Club Yrs 7-11 Week 2 3.30-4pm
Y7 Band 3.30-4.30pm
THURSDAYLibrary 8-8.30amComputer Club Yrs 9&10
BookFlix Club Yrs 9,10,11
Computer Science iDea Club Yr 9
Maths Help Yrs 12,13
Maths Help Wk 2 Yrs 7,8
Homework Club
Football Squad Training 3.40-5pm
Y13 Groove Band 3.10-4.10pm
Badminton - 6th Form & Staff only 3.40-4.30pm
FRIDAYLibrary 8-8.30amComputer Club Yrs 9&10
Homework Club
EGS Clubs Weekly Timetable - from September 2021

For FULL DETAILS on each club, please see the listings below 

**All clubs, club times, locations, staff are subject to change and/or cancellation if necessary**

***All clubs may be restricted or not run due to Government Guidelines implemented for the safety of students and staff – details will be updated as and when we receive them***